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We personalize each course to meet your expectations for the best learning ability

Web Development

We teach using different website CMS products such as WordPress, Bootstrap Studio and Plain HTML

Media Production Services

We provide media production services to cultural and religious event organisers


Teaching Technology to the current generation

As a registered non-profit organisation in Australia, our mission at Techno Harshu is to teach students & kids technology at a young age so they can start working on their careers earlier . We do this by providing free courses virtually and also providing media production services such as live-streaming, videography/audiography along with post-production. 

Website Development Courses

We provide free Website Development courses using WordPress and Divi Builder. All resources are provided. You only require a computer with an internet connection.

Windows Server

We are Windows Server admins here. If you are ever stuck or need help, shoot us a message in our Slack workspace and we will help you out

Hindu Community

We donate a certain amount of funds to Hindu communities around Australia and India. Hinduism is an Indian religion and the third largest.

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